Google invests in reneable energy

Renewable energy is not a trend but the only clean energy supply alternative for the future, so believes Google, the Internet giant, who is  now  to invest about 400 million USD together with KKR & Co in six power plants in California and Arizona, increasing its contribution to renewable energy sector. (more…)

Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe: economic, ecological & social impact of the nuclear power disaster

Chernobyl nuclear power plant technological disaster 0f April 26, 1986 took hundreds of lives of the service staff, fire fighters and volunteers. The nuclear catastrophic accident in Ukraine resulted in over 10,000 mutations with newborn children and over 50,000 cases of Thyroid cancer. The direct economic losses caused by the Chernobyl disaster up to now have reached 200 billion USD. Even more will be spent throughout the next 500 years in maintenance and nuclear safety costs. The ecological and social costs of the Chernobyl catastrophe are hard to calculate now as they will continue to sum up and multiply as the huge territories of natural terrains and a large number of towns and villages in Ukraine and Belarus remain contaminated with radiation and isolated from the rest of the World. (more…)

EBRD invests in first wind power project in Ukraine

renewable energy loan by ebrd to support wind power in UkraineThe European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is making its first ever investment into wind power generation in Ukraine by organising a €13.3 million financing package to Eco-Optima, a Ukrainian-Italian joint venture company, which will operate a wind farm in Staryy Sambir region of western Ukraine. The loan will consist of two parallel tranches: a 10-year EBRD loan of €9.5 million and a 15-year loan of €3.8 million from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF). (more…)

Ukraine Cannot Afford Renewable Energy According to the Prime Minister Azarov

Ukrainian Prime Minister, Nikolay Azarov, considers not economically viable to continue to invest in “green” or renewable energy due to high costs of alternative energy sources, particularly renewable sources of electric power. (more…)

Vegetable Batteries for Rural Areas

A simple battery powered by potatoes may soon become a reality as scientists in developing countries move closer to commercializing their sustainable energy research.

The idea of batteries made out of vegetable matter sandwiched between zinc and copper plates is being trialled by several groups around the world, including Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. (more…)